Video interview with French Tanners Association in Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Published:  16 April, 2015

Sophie Hivert, Director, of the Fédération Française de la Tannerie Mégisserie - FFTM (French Tanners and Fellmongers Association) explains in an interview with ILM about the French Focus Country activities at the recent Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) in Hong Kong. The show took place March 30 - April 1.

There were 41 French exhibitors on the concourse at the last edition of the APLF MM&T (Materials, Manufacturing & Technology). The French National Leather Council (CNC) and SIC designed a journey through a “Galerie - The French Touch”, where visitors experienced the tradition and know-how of France in producing the world’s finest leathers. 

French tanneries are the world’s largest producer of exotic leathers, mostly produced from reptiles (crocodiles, alligators, lizards, snakes) and ostriches. These precious skins are destined for prestigious French and international fashion and luxury houses in the leather goods and luggage, footwear and watch-making sectors. On two large tables, the creations of 10 artists all under the wing of Au-Delà du Cuir (ADC -Beyond the Leather) are being presented like objets d’art, made from French leather in the colours of the French flag.

The French participation at the APLF was 84% higher in 2015 as a result of being the focus country.

Click on the video link below to listen to Sophie Hivert of the FFTM explain the activities in more detail. 

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